YO! I’m a producer from the land of ice and snow, and here is some of my work. If you like what you hear, mail me:


Karri Koira’s K.O.I.R.A. -album sold gold! GO OUR TEAM

PLATINUM BABY from Musta Barbaari’s single ”Salil Eka Salil Vika”

Typical Finnish studio

@ Flow Festival, photo by Andrei6000

Talkbox shredding!!

@ Basso Radio w/ Ruudolf. Photo by Alma Hätönen

Remix I made from Karri Koira’s song ”Kaikki Tai Ei Mitään”

Making music is serious sh*t!!

Music I made for  the trailer of a documentary  ”Myrskyn Ratsastajat”  by Asfalttisoturi & Andrei6000 @ Basso.

Bangkok studio baby!!